Why The Spokane Association of REALTORS® is fighting for you

Our mission is simple.

We believe everyone should have a place to call home. Our motto “That’s Who We R” serves as our rallying cry, instilling pride in our members every day to promote the American dream and to improve the lives of those who live around us.

In Spokane, we are in the midst of a housing crisis. There are fewer homes available at all levels than ever before. It’s forced many into apartments and rental homes triggering a 1-2% vacancy rate. Too few homes, mean that housing prices continue to see double digit price increases, every year.

For us, it’s about creating opportunity. With many young families, owning a home may be their only chance to save for their future. More importantly, with a home comes opportunity. It means having a place for our children to stay, instead of moving away. Or for new companies looking for a place to relocate, it means a place for families to settle. Yet, the course many leaders follow means that for too many, the American Dream of home ownership grows more dim with each passing month.

The time to act is now.

SAR Endorses Three for the 2021 City of Spokane Elections

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Key issues – Home Ownership, Private Property Rights

All three candidates endorsed by the Spokane Association of REALTORS® for City of Spokane council races have made it through the fall primary and are headed to the General Election November 2nd.

What we do NOT believe, is development at any cost. Instead, we believe in the rule of law established under the Growth Management Act. This tool offers thoughtful ways to grow, while protecting those who live here.

It should be no surprise, that our fight is your fight. After all, we are 2,300 small business owners right here in your community. We’re your neighbors, working to help make this a better place for everyone. We believe strongly in building better communities. That’s why you will find REALTORS® dedicated to volunteering hundreds of hours every year in just about every non-profit organization in our area.

When it comes to politics, we support those candidates that offer the best solutions to our housing crisis.  Why do we believe so strongly in home ownership? Because, it makes for better neighborhoods, for stronger families and, for many, offers financial stability you won’t find anywhere else.

For REALTORS® it’s part of our DNA. We’re fighting to help you find a place to call home. A place where we all share.

That’s who we R®!

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