Spokane MLS will fully switch to MLS Grid in 2022. At that time, RETS will no longer be an option for IDX, VOW or back office feeds. To learn more about MLS Grid, please click here.


IDX stands for Internet Data eXchange. It refers to listings in the MLS that are shared for public display on websites. If a listing is put into the MLS as IDX=No, it will not be available through the MLS for public display. If IDX without Address is selected, the listing will be available with the address stripped. Some companies have chosen to opt out of IDX completely for all their listings. Because of these limits, IDX is not every listing. IDX is not access to the MLS. It is all public listings from the SARMLS.

To Have an IDX Search on your Website

There are two ways you may display IDX searches on your website: RETS or IDX Smartframes (not recommended). The solution you choose will likely be determined by the vendor you choose (or if you do your own site.) Each has its own costs and contracts. Below is a brief explanation of each and the documents required.


RETS (Real Standard Transaction Specifications) is when a custom search solution is built from raw data vendors retrieve from the MLS. This means a vendor will custom build a search solution with files they host on their server. Generally, vendors for RETS charge a monthly hosting and IDX fee since they must store the listings and maintain the search, but they are able to offer more customization and features.

RETS solutions cost a $200 setup fee to the Association. There is a monthly fee based on frequency of updates. A monthly fee is charged from the Association depending on how many times a day the vendor will receive update files (See the Frequency Table below.) To sign up for the RETS solution, print the IDX Agreement. It needs to be completed and signed by your Broker, yourself, and your vendor. Fax the completed agreement to (509) 324-8650. Your vendor will be contacted with access instructions. Vendors may wish to learn more about RETS at the RESO website,

Frequency of RETS Data Scale Monthly Fee
2x a day – $25
3x a day – $75
4x a day – $100
6x a day – $125
8x a day – $150
12x a day – $175
24x a day – $200

IDX Cancellation

If you choose to cancel your IDX subscription, you may notify the Association. When cancelled, the Association will notify your vendor that your IDX Display should be removed (when applicable.) You are responsible for notifying your vendor of your intent to cancel any agreements with them.

IDX Smartframes

IDX Smartframes are a basic search solution which you can do minor customization of through Paragon. When you sign up, you will get three web links which can be used on your website. The links are: Search the Listings (general property search by Property Class), Search Your Listings, and Search by Address/MLS Number. The customization is done directly through Paragon and the display meets our MLS requirements. You may customize search options, colors and contact information. To see a sample Smartframe search, click here.

IDX Smartframe costs $100 to set up and $50 billed annually to the Association. You must print the Smartframe Agreement and have it completed and signed by your Broker and yourself. If a vendor will help set it up, they must sign as well. Fax the completed agreement to (509) 324-8650. You will receive an email when the setup is complete.

IDX Smartframe Agreement

More IDX Information

The IDX Handbook contains more details on the SARMLS IDX. Vendors will want to refer to the handbook for technical specifications and rules and regulations for display. For further information, contact the SAR. Either or (509) 326-9222.