PHOTO CAPTION (left to right): Milissa Rosenau, RPAC Trustee; Jonathan Bingle, Spokane City Council candidate; Betsy Wilkerson, incumbent Spokane City Council candidate; Michael Lish, City Council candidate; Eric Johnson, 2021 President of the Spokane Association of REALTORS®.

Spokane REALTORS® Endorse Housing Advocates

Top Choices to Bring Solutions to Spokane’s Housing Crisis

 Spokane – The Spokane Association of REALTORS® (SAR) and the Washington REALTORS® Political Action Committee proudly endorse three Spokane City Council candidates, all of whom will advocate for housing and home ownership in the 2021 Elections:

Spokane City Council

Dist. 1 Jonathan Bingle

Dist. 2 Betsy Wilkerson (incumbent)

Dist. 3 Michael Lish

Each of the candidates met with a team of REALTOR® member volunteers, who made a unanimous choice of those selected. “There has never been a more critical time in our city’s history for issues surrounding housing,” said SAR President Eric Johnson. “We believe these candidates represent Spokane’s best chance at repairing 10 years of underbuilding in our region.

The candidates first responded to a lengthy housing questionnaire, before meeting with the candidate interview committee. According to the chair of the SAR Governmental Affairs Committee Tom Clark, “we ranked each of the candidates, selecting those that most closely align with our core values, and who demonstrated the best strategy for creating home ownership opportunities at all levels. The three we selected will the best chance we have to help so many in Spokane who are suffering because of years of ignoring the housing shortages.”

The primary election for the City of Spokane is August 3rd, 2021.