Spokane REALTORS® Endorsed Candidates score top two finishes

Now advance to General Election Nov. 7,  2023

In response to Spokane’s housing crisis, the Spokane REALTORS® Governmental Affairs committee formally endorsed a full slate of candidates for the City of Spokane 2023 Elections.  After finishing in the top two, each will now advance to the general election.

Mayor of Spokane

Mayor Nadine Woodward

Woodward gathered 38% of the vote in the primary election versus Lisa Brown (47%). The third place vote-getter Tim Archer received 11%, of which many election watchers predict will go towards Woodward making this a close race in November.

Spokane REALTORS® have endorsed Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward in her re-election bid. As a proven REALTOR® Champion, Woodward has taken several key steps towards helping create more housing opportunities. Woodward declared  Housing Emergency in Spokane, saying “We are at a crossroads in our community… I am taking immediate action to address the critical housing needs in our city.”

That proclamation opened the door to the city’s Housing Action Plan that allows for more flexible zoning opportunities and housing types. Additionally, she has been a strong advocate for housing, lobbying the council to limit expensive hook-up fees, and enhancing the City Planning Department to better streamline projects. LEARN MORE HERE

Council President

Kim Plese

Newcomer Kim Plese will advance to the general election along with two term Spokane council member Betsy Wilkerson.

Plese is a local business leader who recently sold her business Plese Printing. Her family has been in real estate for nearly 100-years. During our interview, Plese demonstrated her understanding of our REALTOR® issues, and has the qualifications to manage the over two dozen workers that report directly to the Spokane City Council. Plese has strong name recognition in Spokane. One note: Plese once worked for the Spokane REALTORS® where she learned her skills in our print operations that led to her local career. LEARN MORE HERE

Spokane Council District 1

Michael Cathcart

REALTOR® Champion Michael Cathcart advanced to the general election without facing a primary election, as only one other candidate qualified for the ballot. He will face former Neighborhood Council chair Lindsey Shawl.

Councilmember Michael Cathcart has been a powerful advocate for housing issues in Spokane. He worked previously as the director of Better Spokane, and worked for the Spokane Home Builders. He has argued that Spokane needs housing opportunities of all types, and agrees that the City of Spokane is 25% under-built, meaning that one in four families is under housed. We have endorsed his bid for re-election. LEARN MORE HERE

Spokane Council District 2

Katey Treloar

Katey Treloar, running as an independent received 33% of the vote and will advance to face former Spokane Planned Parenthood public affairs director Paul Dillon with 44%.

Katey Treloar is a South Hill native, and a graduate of Ferris High School. She holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Gonzaga University. She worked for 9 years as a classroom teacher. She is the Founder of Executive Function Coaching, LLC which helps people overcome the barriers of ADHD and other neurodiverse diagnoses.  She helped found the local non-profit Bite-2-Go, which feeds hungry kids when they are not in school.  Treloar ran for Spokane School Board in 2019, gaining 46% of the vote. To date, she has raised more contributions that all of the other candidates in this race combined. LEARN MORE HERE

Spokane City Council District 3

Earl Moore

Earl Moore topped a large field of candidates to advance to the general election with 21%of the vote. She will face former Futurewise program director Kitty Klitzke who received 36% of the vote.

Earl Moore is semi-retired after 37 years of being a Respiratory Therapist, working primarily at Deaconess hospital in Spokane. She still works part time for APREA, and works part time for Hill Rom. Moore has been a neighborhood activist in North Central, and speaks often at City Council meetings. She has demonstrated strong political skills, actively campaigning for other candidates in her community. LEARN MORE HERE