Spokane Mayor’s team unveils housing initiatives to Spokane REALTORS®

Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward’s team unveiled a series of changes to the residential codes aimed at spurring new housing and growth opportunities. In the first phase, there are 7 key amendments to the city codes that will make it easier for landowners to develop everything from multi-family units to additional dwelling units (ADU’s)

Among the proposed changes:

  • Increase flexibility of development and design standards for Accessory Dwelling Units.
  • Clarify development regulations, and provide additional flexibility – removing most transition zones in the code
  • Reduce or streamline the notification and commenting requirements for short plats
  • Encourage infill development, update development and design standards to integrate more townhomes and attached housing
  • Expand the permitted zoning districts and lot types, update design standards for duplexes
  • Streamline the SEPA Environmental Review Thresholds to be consistent with state law
  • Expand allowable zones to enable more short-term rental licensing compliance.

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