New Housing Changes for Spokane in 2023

The Spokane City Council voted unanimously to extend the Building Opportunity and Choices for All (BOCA) interim ordinance to update development standards and amendments that increase housing diversity in the city. Many are hailing these changes as a boon for the affordable housing community. Others believe, more work must be done to simplify the short plat process seen as being costly and time consuming for developers.

The measure makes permanent the code changes following Spokane Mayor Woodward’s Emergency Housing Proclamation in 2021.

This includes:

Additionally, the Planning Department successfully lobbied for additional changes:

Last August, Spokane Assistant Planner Tim Thompson unveiled his teams plans to the Spokane REALTORS Governmental Affairs Committee.


In August, the City launched a new Middle Housing Support Team within the Planning Department to better help builders and developers understand all these new rule changes. This move comes on the heels of a wide range of zoning changes passed under the Building Opportunities and Choices for All pilot project, that could become a permanent part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. more details will be released in the weeks ahead.