Spokane City Planning Commission recommends lower fees for water, sewer connections

Spokane Planning Hearing

The Spokane City Planning Commission has settled on a new rate structure for water and sewer connection fees that brings Spokane more in line with surrounding jurisdictions.

The move comes after the Spokane City Council voted to increase connection fees to as much as $20,000 per home for a 3/4 meter. Following information generated by Spokane Home Builders and Spokane REALTORS® that some 2,000 plus projects were at risk for being canceled – the Spokane council agreed to roll back fees for one year to allow for hearings and debate on a more fair agreement.


Here is what the City of Spokane Planning Commission proposes:

Spokane REALTORS® had recommended these changes to the council based on previous hearings and from additional work with the Mayor’s Committee on Connection Fees.

Next, this information will be presented to the Spokane City Council at a Study Session on Thursday, Nov. 2.

A final vote by the council is expected in November.