Spokane Elects Entirely New City Government

The City of Spokane has elected an entirely new slate of leaders beginning in 2024. Michael Cathcart has been reelected in his bid for a second term on the council. Here’s the background of each elected official.

Mayor – Lisa Brown

Brown served in the State Senate representing Spokane, and left holding the position of Majority Leader. In recent years, she headed up the Washington Department of Commerce.

City Council President – Betsy Wilkerson

Having served four years as the council representative for Spokane’s District 2 (South Hill) Wilkerson ran on a campaign of “Collaboration, Respect, and Authenticity.

District One Council Rep – Michael Cathcart

Cathcart returns to the council for a second term. The former aide to then State Senator Michael Baumgartner, ran the downtown business group Better Spokane, following his work with the Spokane Homebuilders.

District Two Rep – Paul Dillon

Dillon left his leadership position with Planned Parenthood to run for office. He previously worked as Spokane City Councilmember Jon Snyder’s legislative assistant in 2009 who also represented District 2.

District Three Rep – Kitty Klitzke

Klitzke served as the Eastern Washington program director for FutureWise from 2006 to 2021. She previously was a finalist for an appointment to the same council position in 2014, given to Councilwoman Karen Stratton.

Among the council’s first actions in 2024 will be to find a replacement for council member Betsy Wilkerson’s term in District 2.