Virtual and Live Stream Information

With a recent release, the Paragon MLS system added the ability to do Live Streaming Open Houses and Live Steaming Tours.  Remember social distancing and limits on the number of people physically present at the location still apply.  Click here to view the 5.76 Service Enhancement for Live Stream information.
Note: During the Stay-at-Home Order duration, the Live Stream will be checked by default when adding Open Houses and/or Tours. It cannot be unchecked. Once the order is lifted, you will have the option to do Live Stream or a traditional Open House and/or Tours.

What is a Live Stream?

Live streaming is sharing video to a live audience through the internet. This is different from uploading the video to the web and the viewers downloading a full video’s data before watching it (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). Agents who want to show a home virtually instead of in-person will benefit from this new Live Stream Open House or Live Stream Tour feature. Use it to host a Live Stream Open House for the Public or to schedule a Live Stream Tour (aka Broker Open) for a group of agents in your market.  Homebuyers or agents can join your Live Stream Open House/Tour and view video via the camera on your phone, or via a shared presentation. Anyone who joins will generally be able to ask you questions in real time.

What can you use to Live Stream?

Some products are available at no charge, others require payment.  Please review the product you wish to use for details.
Here are the current services that Paragon will accept for the Live Stream URL (in no particular order):

Facebook Live
Google Hangouts
Google Meet
Vimeo Livestream
Microsoft Teams
YouTube Live

If there is a service not listed that you would like to use, please contact so that we can work with Paragon to add it to the allowed list.

Where will my Live Stream Open House and/or Tour appear?

The Live Stream Open House or Tour will appear in Tour and Open House searches on the MLS (Under Search > Tour and Open House), the Open House icon will also appear on the 1 Page Detail and All Fields Detail listing reports, and some websites. As of April 27th, and HomeSnap are displaying the information but SAR has contacted other syndicated sites to request it be added.

Virtual Listing Presentations

Historically, many agents delivered listing presentations in person at the kitchen table. With COVID-19, that is not possible, but RPR has a way to do the next best thing — deliver a customized, branded virtual listing presentation and then use GoToMeeting, Zoom, Google Hangouts or even the Facetime feature on your phone to have the conversation you would normally have in person.
Read Create Compelling Listing Presentations using RPR       Download the free eBook  

Use this time to up your skills by reviewing the RPR Learning Resources.  eBooks, Recorded Webinars, Live Webinars and more

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