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SAR Endorsed Candidates Win in 2020

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What would our industry look like without RPAC? It is not a concept we like to imagine for too long. In 2020 alone without RPAC and our advocacy efforts, business operations would look a lot different for REALTORS in Washington and across the country:

  • While other businesses were stalled on the sidelines, REALTORS remain at work during the Covid-19 crisis in a way that was safe for you, and your clients.
  • REALTORS were able to immediately clarify rules around property management and other affiliated services while other industries struggled to understand the regulations they were facing.
  • Decreased the Real Estate Excise Tax by 15% on all sales under $500,000- putting nearly $1,000 back in your seller’s pocket.
  • Exempted REALTORS from a 20% increase in the B&O Tax you pay- putting $250-$500 back in the pocket of our members each year.
  • Protected your Independent Contractor Status.
  • Successfully pushed back a bill that would have required any in house transactions to involve attorneys for both the seller and the buyer.
  • Reformed Condo Liability Laws so that more affordable condominiums can be built.
  • Passed a bill that encourages cities to allow responsible density- things like accessory dwelling units, duplexes and triplexes in single family zones and more.


Washington RPAC helped with these and many more issues by advocating for the real estate industry so please support RPAC by investing now!


  • 3 REALTORS were added to the House and Senate!
  • 90% election rate of our endorsed candidates!
  • Won 8 out of 10 of the IE Election races
  • Successfully elected a number of key REALTOR Champions in the Spokane Area CLICK HERE