Spokane Council reducing parking requirements for new construction

Council votes 6-1 to approve these changes

The Spokane City Council has approved a one-year pilot program to reduce parking minimums for residential housing.

Earlier this summer, two Spokane City Council members proposed reducing the off street parking requirements for many new projects within the City of Spokane. At a news conference at a local parking lot, council members Jonathan Bingle and Zack Zappone unveiled ordinance publicly, believing they have the council votes to support the idea. “Everybody here realizes the challenge ahead of us,” Bingle said. The proposed interim ordinance, if approved by city council later this summer, would launch a test program offering another incentive to housing developers.

“A one-year pilot program to waive the required parking minimums for residential housing for development within a half mile of transit,” added Bingle.

Spokane REALTORS® have supported the idea, because it falls more in line with recent State law changes , and will have an impact on the overall cost of housing. “The truth is it’ll be the difference between projects going forward or not going forward,” said Darin Watkins, Spokane REALTORS® Governmental Affairs Director.