Homesnap/SentriLock FAQ

  1. Why is Homesnap Pro and Homesnap Showings ending?
    • CoStar (Homesnap and parent company) announced earlier this year that they will discontinue Homesnap Pro services, including Homesnap Showings, with a greater focus on Homes Pro.
  2. When will Homesnap Pro and Homesnap Showings end?
    • Homesnap Pro and Homesnap Showings will end on October 23rd 2023.
  3. What is the replacement for Homesnap Showings?
    • Homesnap Showings will be replaced by SentriKey Showings Service on October 23rd 2023.
  4. Will there be a Homesnap Pro App replacement or an MLS Search App?
    • Homesnap Pro is going to be replaced by Homes Pro (  App. You can start using the app now.
  5. What training and resources will be available to help me transition to SentriKey effectively?
  6. Why was SentriKey Showings Service chosen as a showing service replacement?
    • SentriKey was chosen because it was already integrated into our SentriLock lockbox software and is built into our new SentriLock lockbox app.
  7. When is the scheduled date for the SentriLock lockbox exchange?
    • SentriLock Box Exchange will occur during the first week of December 2023.

If you have any additional questions regarding SentriLock or Homesnap, please email Edward at