Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton wants REALTORS© to know there are changes coming that will affect the way her office does business.

Among her biggest concern is the threat of budget cuts. A decrease in the number of homes being sold has dramatically cut the income her department raises. .  “A shortage of housing inventory means a drop in the homes being recorded and that means less revenue. Compounding the problem is the drop in home equity loan and refinancing, which only adds to losses by our department,” said Dalton.

As such, she does not see the County opening for walk-in business on Friday afternoons. But reminds us that real estate business can still be conducted electronically.

Among the changes she sees for the next year:

  • A Spokane County vendor has created a system that allows you to examine Spokane County documents online
  • Key State legislation passed means online Notary services that allow for remote signing of documents are set to begin October 2020
  • A Short form Death Certificate is in the works, expected to be developed by 2020
  • New recording fees take affect July 28th New Spokane County fee schedule 2019

Dalton made the comments during the July Spokane Association of REALTORS© Government Affairs committee.