Courtesy Spokesman

Washington Legislature votes to make Daylight Savings Time permanent

The Senate followed a move in the House by voting to make Daylight Savings Time a year-round fixture. The move follows similar actions being considered across the West.

Last November, California voters approved a referendum to eliminate Daylight Savings Time, while lawmakers in Oregon are also considering a similar move.

Spokane lawmakers on both sides of the aisle told Northwest Public Radio they are in support of the idea. “I was taken aback by the interest throughout our state and it seems to be sweeping the nation,” said Democratic state Rep. Marcus Riccelli, the legislative sponsor. “I think we’ll see a reduction in crime. Kids that play after-school sports, it provides opportunities.” “Not only is this good for our health, this is good for our commerce,” added Republican state Rep. Matt Shea. (Read more here)

The Senate and the House bills are similar with the exception of differing effective dates and referendum requirements. Under SB 5139, voters would need to approve the measure at the next general election. Even if approved,  and voters approved ditching time changes, Congress would still need to allow it. The 1966 federal Uniform Time Act allows states to observe Standard Time year-round, but not Daylight Savings Time.