2021 Spokane City Council Race

Spokane Association of REALTORS endorses Mike Lish

In May, a team of volunteer REALTORS® from the Spokane Association of REALTORS® sat down with candidates in Spokane’s City Council District 3 race. Each candidate had filed out a questionnaire on issues of key concern to the Spokane real estate market. The team unanimously endorsed Mike Lish for the council seat as the candidate who most closely aligned with our issues.

Here is how they compare on 10 critical issues:

                                          Mike Lish                       Zack Zappone

Centers and Corridors
Natural Gas
Small Lots
Accessory Dwelling Units
Expanding the UGA Boundaries
1590 Sales Tax for Home Ownership
-Weatherizing/Heating System Upgrades
-Incentivize Home Developments
Renter Regulations